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 Summer Solstice

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PostSubject: Summer Solstice   Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:35 pm

Summer Solstice

When : June 21, 2010; June 21, 2011, June 20, 2012; June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice is sometimes referred to as "Midsummer" Litha". It's the longest day of the year. The amount of daylight only goes down from here....for the next six months (more on that later). Summer Solstice is the meteorological start of summer. It's time to enjoy vacations, great weather, pools, baseballs, and everything else that goes along with the favorite season of kids and most adults. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the season, because for many of us it is all too short.

Did you know? The sun does not set at the North Pole today. There is 24 hours of sunlight. Does it make up for that cold day in December when the sun does not rise above the horizon? No, but on this day it sure does feel good wherever you are!

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The Nagel


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PostSubject: Re: Summer Solstice   Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:55 pm

my wedding anniv is the summer solstice.
this year, it's the 21st.. the year we were married it was the 20th.
we didn't pick june 20 to get married, we picked the summer solstice, which happened to fall on the 20th that year.
i have to admit, it was my idea... the idea behind it being somethign sickeningly sappy, like ' i've been living in the dark all these past years, so i want our wedding day to be filled with sunlight, to set the stage for the rest of my life with you, because your love has brought me out of the darkness."

something cheesy like that. sunny

her mother, a very VERY 'christian' woman keeps calling us or emailing us on the 20th, regardless, because she says ' you were married on the 20th, your anniversary is the 20th".
it's not THAT big of a deal.. her opinion isn't important to us on this issue, but it's frustrating that she shows such disrespect by shoving her opinion in our faces about it.
like ' so what are you guys doing for your anniversary tomorrow? do you need me to keep the kids so you can go out?"
"our anniversay is the day after tomorrow...but yeah, keeping the kids would be great, thanks "
oh, well, i can't keep them the day after, i have things to do, but i can keep them on your anniversay if you want..." doh

and so on.
frustrating. like i said.. it's not a big deal... it just strikes me as rude, is all.
for the record, her dad doesn't seem to care about the issue one way or the other. Smile
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Summer Solstice
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