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 Rules are simple...

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PostSubject: Rules are simple...   Wed May 18, 2011 8:47 am

Welcome to all who enter here! I hope you will enjoy your stay. Please feel free to start a topic or contribute to an existing topic. If you have any questions, you may find the answers by clicking the "Faq" (frequently asked questions) icon at the top of the page. No answers there? We'll be happy to help you. Ask away!

Please find links to various news agencies at the bottom of page.

The rules here are simple...a strong opinion is a beautiful thing; please give it. I only ask that you do so respectfully and without attacking another person's character. Also, if a person offers up their personal beliefs/choices for discussion and you disagree with them, please do so respectfully. Just simply show others the respect that you yourself want to be given and all will be well. If you choose to ignore this, I or the mods will give you fair warning twice...three strikes and you're out.

You may not sign up for an account using a hidden IP or hidden server/host. You may not use a proxy server, or a web hosting service. If it is discovered that you are, your account will be immediately terminated. This keeps out the trolls. Smile

One username per member.

If it's immediately obvious you are here to troll, as lmm put troll, you roll. Wink

If you have issues with a member on another website, please keep it on that website. We have no reason to discuss it or know about it here. I will not exclude anyone based on something they have done elsewhere. As long as you follow the few rules here, we are thrilled to have you as a member.

That said, IMO, debate and differing opinions challenge us and help us grow as individuals. Diversity is the spice of life. Feel free to show off your sense of humor, your knowledge, your powers of debate, your wisdom, your skills - whatever your strengths, you'll find your niche here. Above all, have fun!

P.S. TO POST, LOG IN - "ON" BUTTON UP TOP...There were a couple of members having trouble posting. We think it's because they didn't log in first. I made the forum visible to guests, which threw them off.

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Rules are simple...
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